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Finished reading Freakonomics

Just finished reading an interesting book : Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner.


Not at all what I expected to be. Saw it on a lot of web banners and even on PowerPoint presentations (so basically a best-seller) and I expected to be actually another “Funky Business” – like book, a description of our current rebel economy.
Well, the book is actually a thoroughly made jurnalistic journey through social facts that influence the economy. Just some keywords to see how the journey goes: Ku Klux Kan, Chicago Public Schools, Ceausescu, chidren educational stimulation factors, drug dealers, abortion as the most efficient way to kill crime and in the end, on how to be a great parent.

It is actually on this last subject that the book ends. Being a good parent has become an industry : from self-help books, to vitamins, from child-prooffing your house, to book a school since the kid is not even there yet. People often believe that is what they DO that influences the children’s path, when actually is what they ARE that is the most important. A big chapter only on prejudice and popular beliefs, that, after a few research, prove to be very wrong.

It basically is a book that learns you (and proves it logically) that you should always keep a critical eye on the popular beliefs and this can help us human beings to stop acting so stupid sometimes.


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One thought on “Finished reading Freakonomics

  1. Dragos on said:

    Nice brief review, dog! You’ve got a little something in the last paragraph.

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