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Cats and chips

Sometimes I feel we are getting more and more embarassing as a race, and nobody’s there to snap us out of it.

The other morning, on television, just before going to work, a lady comes and proposes a huge problem, almost as huge as the risk of an iminent Al Quaida atack: along with the summer, there is a big big risk that we lose our cats and dogs. Because they feel more tempted to run and play, because we’re less careful when living the doors and windows open… It’s really a huge risk.

But she comes with a solution. “Luckily”, end of quote, there is a chip we can implant in the animal, that hosts all the data about the owner. It’s really small, the cat doesn’t feel a thing, it’s implanted with a huge needle and it stays in the body of the animal forever. Now, of course, don’t forget to update the information if you move out. It’s one of the first things you should do. You just go to the vet and he implants another one with the new data. O M F G.

Are we really there? I am not denying this is hurtless advanced technology. But .. is this reaaaally necessary?


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One thought on “Cats and chips

  1. teodora on said:

    cand am vazut titlul “cats and chips” m-am asteptat la cu totul altceva.. ca posesoare de caine si fosta posesoare de pisici, nu cred ca e necesar sa le “chip-uiesc”. Pentru Romania ar fi chiar useless..babele care le-ar gasi sigur s-ar duce la veterinar cu ele ca sa le citeasca informatia..:)) so..poate intr-un viitor..sa zicem mai indepartat pentru noi.

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