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Questions for expats – on internal language

And here’s one especially for the expats who have adopted a new language recently.


A friend asked me yesterday: You, who speak french, in what language do you comment your code (if you don’t get it it means you’re not in IT, which is totally acceptable).

So here’s me to you, the IT people: In which language you do your comments?
In what language you swear when driving?
In what language you answer to the doorbell?
In what language do you, if I may, scream when the sex is good?

I am attaching my answers. EN,FR,RO/FR,RO.

I’ve read one article once that was talking about foreigners, and saying that your real language is the you use when you … count … 1,2,3. True, I say. How ’bout you? And don’t forget to answer the above 😉


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One thought on “Questions for expats – on internal language

  1. Brutus on said:

    Are there 3 or 4 questions? I don´t know exactly how you answered?…

    If this one is the first “In which language you do your comments?” I don´t need to answer but if it helps 🙂 when I´m at work I´m writing all the notes or lists for myself in swedish. But for you IT nerds (sorry, IT guys) I think EN is the language or the clients´ language if they want (but I don´t think is so often).

    2. RO always and forever because RO is the best language for swearing in general! :))
    3. EN or maybe SE
    4. it depends :)) I think is an universal language :))

    But when I´m counting I´m doing it in RO all the time. Only if I need to do it loud I switch to other languages 🙂

    I hope my answers will help 😀

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