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On Social Network and common sense

I like to leave EuroNews and CNN in the background, but tonight, I left everything and watched Piers Morgan Tonight – a talk show that had the twin brothers that were “stabbed in the back” by Mark Zuckerberg. I enjoyed the movie (The Social Network) very much and Zuckerberg was very attractive as a character. On the opposite, the twins that had the idea were very annoying and seemed snobs.
However, tonight, watching them talk, I actually sympathized with their cause: “it’s important to build something big (facebook) but not by any means”. The guy actually stole their idea, and they are still in trials for their cause. Their speech was very clean, correct. I say ‘Go get him!’.
The most interesting question in the context was if they are themselves on Facebook and they replyed with a Yes, like a very normal thing that it is…


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