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California – and a masked film review

With a Joni Mitchell song in background.

I visited California 5 years ago, for a month. Santa Monica, Carolina Island, San Diego, concert at the Hollywood Bowl, Venice Beach, Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Kind of thinking, L.A. doesn’t have a lot of picture opportunity nor landmarks, except maybe from the walk of fame where we abused of the camera. I remember cheap electronics and sunny-humid weather, big cold drinks (half filled with ice) and lots of fast-food. I remember spending third of the time in the car, cause we were staying in the Valley and all that there was to be seen was tens of miles away. It remains one of the most memorable trips of my life.

What’s with the story? I recently have seen a movie “The kids are all right” (Annette Benning, Julianne Moore) – nice comedy, seen it twice actually. I found that film extremely sexy. Maybe because of the music (David Bowie and a lot of Woodstock-like pieces), but I think it was actually the attitude in that film (cool – lay down people, breezy and then tense, lots of sun and big wide american spaces). Did I say about the music? The humour is great, the people are beautiful.
I think I fell in love with long hair girls (honey, postpone the haircut) that reminded me of a special evening at some friends in Santa Monica with Beatles’ Penny Lane in the background and their typical american daughter (very sexy to me at that age…).

Didn’t thought I want to go back there (except for visiting my dear uncle and aunt still there), but it was something in that movie that made me put California back on the list. Really reccommend the movie! And I really think I will go see it the third time…


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