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Ad lovers, yes we are

Friday night we participated at the 30est edition of Night of Ad Eaters (Nuit de Publivores) at BOZAR.
This is a marathon of commercials from all over the world and most of them are small pieces of cinema that really make you want to applaud and stand up. Even though I heard about the event since my college years, this year was the first when I participated (with Iulia and 4 more friends).
Four 1h rounds of commercials (mostly good ones) with small breaks animated by a DJ and drinks at a small bar. The public was young and alive, I found amazing that when the commercials were boring and the public started yawning, there were people from the crowd shouting to animate the public. Usually you can ‘boo’ or applaud a commercial so the feedback is also a way to keep you awake ’till 3AM…
I particulary remember serbian (MTV) and argentinian commercials (for an independent film festival), but also a great scottish one for Johnny Walker. There where two Romanian ones (for Schweppes – where the couple is first-time cuddling and the dog brings some sex-toys to the scene and another one for Vodafone – where a bunch of kids fool around with nice looking girls ahead of their time… ). They were appreciated.
As a social experiment, I noticed that the ads for condoms and global warming were the most appreciated by the public. Also, big cheers were given for the few belgian adverts.
The very last commercial was the first one ever filmed by the brothers Lumière, a soap ad in black and white, since before the 20th century… It presented a group of women that were washing some clothes… and that’s it… Even if the ad-cinema has evolved a great deal since those time (who would have thought 50 years ago that we would pay to go and see ads at the cinema), the detergents commercials are doomed, I believe, to never be better than the first commercial made 120 years ago…


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