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M&M – Morcheeba and marijuana

Last week, we went to see Morcheeba in concert, here, in Brussels, at Cirque Royal. Good surprise number 1, since we arrived early, we were able to choose our place… And we choose to stay exactly in front of the stage, actually Iulia had her purse on the stage 🙂

The show was great and for me a great surprise. We both love their music but didn’t expect they were so great live. The band is pretty big, 1 drummer, 1 bass-player, one at the decks (dj), one guy at the keyboards and one guitarist (the mastermind of the band). But these were the guys that we didn’t see because of the girl, Skye Edwards. She was jaw-drooping sexy in the attitude and the super-voice that was warm and still very strong.

I bet the people reading this pretty much know their music (or like me, 2-3 songs). They perform trip hop, blues and downtempo, so I was really expected to be seeing them rather in a small club than a concert hall… But then I understood that there had to be a crowd watching that strong performance.

They sang all the big hits I knew: Otherwise, Part of the process, Be yourself, Over and over, World looking in and the last song was their greatest Rome wasn’t build in a day.
The last one actually, it was the crowd that sang and below you have what I managed to record with my mobile… (sorry for the crappy quality, if you’re watching).

I think the show had everything that a great show should have: great live music, sexy atmosphere, good public and something slightly illegal to make the public say wow. I am saying that because in the middle of the show Skye says “Hey, do you smoke? Please don’t smoke cigarettes in here, it’s forbidden. But if you smoke pot, please do, it’s a Morcheeba rule. Actually, does anyone has marijuana?” …and somebody handed a joint… and she lighted up and breathed deeply “Oh, that’s so good… ” and continued singing…

Now, another thing I liked at this show: you can see that the artists are feeling good and if they feel so, the show is great. So we were lucky last Thursday night.


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One thought on “M&M – Morcheeba and marijuana

  1. danaMili on said:

    Asta e un concert pe care nici eu nu l-as rata.Ma bucur pentru voi!

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